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Wherever you are, your office is in Workeamos

If you work

from home

If you work from home or do mostly field work, a virtual office is the perfect solution for you. In addition, you can rent meeting rooms or welcome clients in the coworking space when needed.

This will help to give a more serious image to your company and you will have a fiscal and commercial address that will give a better image and prestige. 


If you have clients

in the Canary Islands

By subscribing to our virtual office service you will be able to increase your physical presence in the market, projecting an image of  proximity in the Canary Islands.


Get the benefits of a local office without the high costs.


If you are looking for better tax conditions

By setting up your registered office or business address in Workeamos you will be able to take advantage of all the tax benefits of the Canary Islands: reduced VAT, the highest tax deductions in Europe and rebates of up to 90% on corporate tax for investment, exemption from payment of ITP/ AJD, subsidies, among many other benefits. 


€ 27 / month

Google business address (not including fiscal)
Receipt of mail and/or parcels (without forwarding)


€ 49 / month

Dirección comercial
Recepción de correos y/o paquetes (reenvio opcional)
Domiciliación fiscal 
20% descuento en alquiler de salas de reunión


Forget about meeting in coffee shops and impress your clients by meeting in our spectacular meeting rooms


Use a professional address on your website and your documents. 


Enjoy the advantages of having an office in the Canary Islands without the associated costs


Enjoy discounts on our coworking memberships and meeting rooms.

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